About Us

PASTURES NEW is operated by JACQUI TAYLOR at a small 25 acre farm in Littleborough, Lancashire, to provide a safe and secure future for retired racehorses. We were granted charitable status in June 2012.

Our Trustees

The trustees work hard to raise awareness of the plight of ex-racehorses whilst supporting the racing industry in its commitment to the welfare of racehorses.

Elizabeth Hennel
Geraldine Harkness
Donna Bennett

Our Patrons

Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex is now almost as well known for his love of racing as for his love of football. Over the years he has enjoyed the pleasure and endured the pain of both sports, and tasted varying success in each.

We are proud and honoured to welcome Sir Alex as our Patron, his care for his horses and his desire to see them live long and happy lives is an inspiration to others.
Sir Alex Ferguson CBE

“These horses try their hearts out for us on the racecourse, the least we can do is ensure that they are looked after when they retire. With care they have many years ahead of them and should go on to live useful lives in loving homes, I am proud to help in any way I can to achieve this outcome for them.”

Sir Alex Ferguson

Paul Scholes

It may come as a surprise that Paul has quite a few horses now, and has bred two foals already, so it looks as though he’s aiming to be quite a player in the racing world, following on from his remarkable football career.

We were surprised and delighted that he agreed to be a patron for Pastures New when he expressed a desire to look beyond the winning post, and considered what would happen to his horses, and the others out there, when their successes were behind them.

Paul Scholes

“I love my horses and care about what will happen to them if they are injured or need to retire. We, as owners, need to be sure they are given the very best attention and care and re-trained to be safe and suitable rides for loving new owners, it’s the least we can do, we owe them that and more for the pleasure they give us.”

Paul Scholes

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